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AnXpm LP cover Symphonia Sacrosancta Phasmatum cover

Release date:
January 31st 2013

AnXpm / Symphonia Sacrosancta Phasmatum – split 12" MLP

My ears had heard of you, but now my eyes have seen you: Obsolete remnants, blurred visions of a meditation transcended...

AnXpm was an old project by MM (Emit/Hammemit/Ante Cryste) and Emil (Reverorum ib Malacht), which eventually surfaced as a limited 4-song tape earlier in 2012 on Total Holocaust Records. The four songs from the tape will be included on this split MLP.

Symphonia Sacrosancta Phasmatum was Reverorum ib Malacht's earlier incarnation (The Ajna Offensive released a dark ambient CD by S.S.P. CD a few years ago). This side of the MLP features one 13-minute unreleased track of cavernous, crushing funeral doom with dozens of subtle, mysterious layers. Downtuned guitars, crashing drums, deep guttural vocals, atmospheric samples, and the distant, nightmarish atmosphere of Reverorum ib Malacht.

12" black vinyl MLP (45rpm) with artwork/lyrics insert.

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Faces of this hemispheres mourning in ancient present scenery, as they hide blackened in glaring light from a sun too cold. In sepia by old splendour aurora to rise, from screaming pools of red for the sake of darkness,  shading ascent the withered dead and the deflowered to bloom; yet flaming at hand there still to be, first sacrifices then marked, now shut for yonder amidst harsh curse to bear; a parchment given as veil, in sense devoid by the letter kill. So woeful, yet perceived not, n' a denial, of want to absolve the chains. Thus but a ray and filament, and a profecy in the garden of the serpent. Shed on flickering shadows, of obscure lettering her pandora's ark - now thousand they shine in yesterdays blood, as a ray of gloom, by dust upon an image from yonder her acquaintance: they never tried to grasp. Asking how come asked for what wasn't there, we saw no grave in that curse. And the haunting colours of life awaken, at this sharp pointed horizon, as from amidst a distant sound of hearse mourning, they long into the time beyond. Sought light in darkness. Those were his that die. Herein he crawls. Oh, his wings, reminder, memories, for I was forced to be born. I have always belonged here. Chainlike curses around my limbs. Lifeless sculptures. Manifestations of holiness in the artform of the holy. Seven bonds into chaos burst. This our dawn of another kind, a suffocating breath of our God and Father. For spoken hath the wings of the serpent: 'Of the devil's seed'. You know, my son, hence mythology gave answers he came crawling the dust. Oh, his wings, reminder, memories. This is Christ's dawn.